Prospective Clients

If you're not a current client, please call my office before completing the attached Data Intake Form; I'm limiting the number of clients I accept and prefer to discuss the services you need before you complete the information. Once we determine that an initial meeting is in order, I'll ask you to download and complete the information as a first step.

download and print the form.

We will go over this information together. I'll ask you to clarify your financial goals, so be prepared to discuss this. In addition to the questionnaire, bring as much financial information as possible (recent statements on investment accounts, insurance policies, employee benefits booklets, last IRS and state tax returns, and three recent pay stubs). Please be sure to complete the Monthly Expenses page as accurately as possible.   

If you decide to hire me, I will analyze the information and present you recommendations and options to help you. Once you have made decisions about these matters, I'll help you implement them, and going forward we will monitor your portfolio and revisit your goals on a regular basis. Depending on the complexity of your situation, three or more meetings may be required at the beginning of our relationship. Fees are at the rate of $200 per hour and will be discussed in more detail at our first meeting. I hope to see you soon!